Christmas Gift Baskets

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  • $182.00

    Breathtakingly beautiful heavy metal tray with gold branch handles. This gift truly has the WOW factor! The tray would be enough, but there’s more! Included is imported cake, olives, wine Salami,breadsticks, triple threat chocolate bark, dried figs, and chocolate truffles. This gift will make you the memorable hit of the season!

  • $156.00

    This is a limited edition stunning, detailed wood bowl with silver rope handles. This is THE gift to impress! Included is imported balsamic vinegar, Sweetypep red peppers, olives, Italian ruffles, cookies, and chocolate cashews.

  • $91.00

    These beautiful re-usable stacked boxes are filled with shareable treats such as cake, hot chocolate, nuts, tinnned candies, chips, chocolates, popcorn and so much more! Perfect for those chilly nights ahead!

  • $236.00

    The ultimate gourmet gift basket, this gift is sure to impress. Inside you will find a jar of 4 pepper blast dip, Mediterranean olives, pistachio nuts, a large box of mixed chocolates, Lilles' cookies, almond biscotti, smoked salmon, salmon pate, garlic cheese spread, a large box of butter cookies, chocolate drenched pretzels, merlot cheddar, foccacia crisps, butter pretzles and a marble pound cake. Let Gift Baskets 4U take care of all of your Canadian gift basket needs with our nation wide shipping!

  • $110.00

    This beautiful Canadian themed gift basket is a perfect way to celebrate the best of the “true north strong and free”. An attractive basket with a colourful maple leaf motif comes filled to the brim with maple almonds, maple peanuts, maple cream cookies, a Canada chocolate bar, a tin of maple tree droppings (pure maple candies), moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds), a jug of maple syrup, Canadian maple fudge, maple popcorn, and a Canadian flag. Gift Baskets 4U offers top quality gourmet Canadian gift baskets delivered right to their door, across Canada and the USA.

  • $96.50

    This elegant basket will be sure to delight any recipient. Nestled in an attractive black and white basket with side handles, and adorned with a matching bow, this Christmas gift basket is filled with mouthwatering sweets and savory treats. The contents include Pirouline wafers, caramels, gourmet coffee, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate chip cookies, a large box of chocolate truffles, Almond Roca, Jelly Belly jelly beans, 2 mocha drink mixes, and cracked pepper crackers. Let Gift Baskets 4U take care of your Christmas list this year. We offer Canada wide shipping with delivery right to their door. The perfect way to say Merry Christmas to the important people in your life.

  • $55.00

    This adorable snowman themed gift box is the perfect gift for a teacher, student, staff, or secret Santa friend. Inside a charming and festive gable box you will find hot cocoa mix, fruit jellies, wafer bites, shortbread, mini Oreos, Bits & Bites, cookies, Combo's snack mix, and Sunkist fruit snacks. Let someone special on your list know you are thinking of them, and you appreciate all they do with a Canadian gift basket from Gift Baskets 4U.

  • $91.00

    This beautiful printed gift box is artfully arranged with a selection of decadent treats like chocolate biscotti, gourmet honey, maple fudge, 4 fruit spread, a large box of sugar cookies, chocolate pretzels, a large box of vanilla caramels, and gourmet pretzel and wasabi pea snack mix. This tasty assortment is sure to please anyone this Christmas. Our Canadian Gift Baskets ship Canada wide to ensure gift basket delivery just in time for Christmas, from Gift Baskets 4U.

  • $77.00

    This savory and sweet gift basket makes a great gift for entertaining straight out of the box. This gift includes a selection of ready to serve gourmet foods like smoked salmon, spring onion crackers, honeyed nuts, white cheddar cheese spread and a cheese knife, sea salt caramel truffles, fruit spread and honey. Send this decadent gift to someone on your list with discerning tastes, and wish them the Merriest Christmas. Gift Baskets 4U offers Canada-wide shipping.

  • $103.00

    This beautiful gift basket filled with decadent treats will be well received all winter long! Recipients will love the Lindt truffles, caramel corn, chocolate mints, Canadian maple cookies, smoked salmon, water crackers, fruity jam, sweet honey, spicy snack mix, warming cocoa and cocoa dusted truffles. This Canadian Christmas gift basket is filled with everything they need to celebrate the season, shipped right to their door from Gift Baskets 4U.

  • $121.00

    These beautiful and festive chevron patterned Christmas gift boxes are sure to be joyfully received! This gift tower makes a generous Christmas gift, filled with delicious Ghirardelli truffles, latte/espresso candies, cocoa dusted truffles, gourmet coffee, peanut crunch, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Byrd cookies, fruit jellies, snack mix, cashew roca, Laura Secord fudge, Lindt truffles, pita chips and cranberry clusters. This amazing gourmet assortment makes a wonderful present, shipped Canada-wide from Gift Baskets 4U.

  • $65.00

    This cheerfully festive holiday mailer is filled with a delicious assortment of holiday favorites, including sugar cookies, coffee candy, Ghirardelli chocolates, caramel popcorn, Lindt mini chocolates, chocolate pretzels, gourmet coffee, and snack mix. Let Gift Baskets 4U take care of your Christmas shopping this year and send Chritmas gift baskets to your friends, family and colleagues.

  • $242.00

    This incredible Christmas gift tower is almost 2 feet tall & is brimming with gourmet goodies they will love! Inside you will find olives, pepper jack cheese, antipasto, maple fudge, chocolate popcorn, maple cream cookies, merlot cheddar, spiced snack mix, four fruit spread, a bag of espresso candies, honey, vanilla caramels, chocolate biscotti, gourmet coffee, a large box of Lindt truffles and smoked salmon. Surprise someone special with this impressive gift tower from Gift Baskets 4U, perfect for a large family or office gift.

  • $165.00

    This whimsical keepsake sleigh is overflowing with a selection of tasty holiday treats, including peanut brittle, California pistachios, caramel sea salt truffles, honey, smoked salmon, cocoa truffles, 4 fruit spread, Mediterranean olives, and wine and cheese biscuits. The perfect Christmas gift basket for co-workers, family, friends, or anyone on your list- shipped across Canada from Gift Baskets 4U.

  • $138.00

    With five tiers of golden elegance, this gift basket tower is absolutely stunning. Carefully arranged in these beautiful boxes are Ghirardelli squares, a large box of cocoa dusted truffles, honeyed peanuts, a tin of old fashioned candy drops, coffee candies, tomato basil pretzel sticks, chipotle bbq pretzel sticks, Ginger Snap cookies and cream puff confectionery treats. This Christmas gift basket tower makes a fantastic gift, and has enough treats inside to share with a crowd – perfect for an office, family, or group to share. Make a great impression this holiday season with this elegant Canadian made gift basket from Gift Baskets 4U.