Tastes of Canada


Quick Overview

This Canadian themed gift basket comes filled with maple peanuts, maple almonds, a Canada chocolate bar, a tin of maple tree droppings (pure maple candies), maple cream cookies, moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds), Canadian maple fudge, maple popcorn, a jug of maple syrup and a Canadian flag all arranged in a maple leaf adorned gift basket.


Product Description


  • Canada True Maple Peanuts 150g
  • Canada True Maple Almonds 70g
  • Canada True Canadian Maple Tree Droppings 70g
  • Canada True Canadian Moose Droppings – Choc. Covered Almonds 100g
  • Canada True Maple Cream Cookies 200g
  • Canada True Maple Fudge 125g
  • Canada True Scenic Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
  • Canada True Maple Popcorn 100g
  • Jakeman’s Pure Canadian Maple Syrup Plastic Jug 100ml
  • Canadian flag
  • gift basket with maple leaf pattern

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 7 x 13 in