The Ultimate Gourmet


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The ultimate gift basket, this gift is sure to impress. Inside you will find a jar of 4 pepper blast, Mediterranean olives, smoked salmon, salmon pate, garlic cheese spread, pistachio nuts, a large box of mixed chocolates, Lilles’ cookies, almond biscotti, a large box of butter cookies, chocolate drenched pretzels, merlot cheddar, foccacia crisps, butter pretzles and a marble pound cake.

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Product Description


  • Sable and Rosenfeld Savoury – 4 Pepper & Olive Smokey Dip 370g
  • Oloves Tasty Mediterranean Olives Asst 4 Colors 31g-1.1 oz-1 piece
  • Canada Select Smoked Salmon – Gold 56g-2 oz
  • Argeta Salmon Pate 95g-3.4 oz
  • Comfort Collection Gourmet Cheese Spread Garlic & Herbs Gold 106g-3.75oz
  • Nature’s Joy Pistachios Asst. 42g1.5oz-1 piece
  • Lindt Assorted Chocolate Gift Box Small Gold 120g
  • Lille Classic Original Cookie Thins 130g-4.5oz
  • Allessia Cantuccini Biscotti with Almonds 200g-7 oz
  • Angelina’s Butter Cookies Gold 125g-4.4oz
  • Chocolate Pretzels – Gold 85g-3 oz
  • Comfort Collection Merlot Flavored Cheddar Cheese Spread Gold 3.75 oz-106g
  • Focaccia-Crisps-Tuscan-Style-Crackers-Large-170g-6oz
  • Snacktales Butter Pretzels Gold 3.5 oz-100g
  • Kuchen Meister Marble Cake 400g
  • large heavy weave wicker basket

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 18 in