Candy Gift Baskets

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  • $79.00

    Our die cut gift box is packed with a selection of all time favorite candy which is sure to please! This scrumptious candy gift basket is filled with Mike and Ike, SweetTarts, Sour Patch Kids, Chewy runts, twisted flavor Nerds, Necco Candy, Tropical Razzles, Chewy Gobstoppers, apple/lemonade Nerds, Good N' Plenty, Bottle Caps, Gobstoppers, Pringles snack chips, Hot Tamales,and a three pack of Fun Dip. Delicious! Send them all the sweet “staples” they need to survive. Gift Baskets 4U ships across Canada and the USA.

  • $52.00

    This sweet candy bouquet is designed with the sport's lover in mind. They are sure to enjoy snacking on Sweettarts, Razzles, an Almond Joy bar, Combo's snack mix, Nerds, Runts,Necco wafers an Aero bar, and Dentyne gum. Send your favorite Canadian sport's fan a tasty gift basket filled with treats to let them know you're thinking of them, from Gift Baskets 4U. We ship our gift baskets Canada wide as well as to the USA.

  • $46.00

    Brighten somebody's day and make it extra special when you send them this cheerful candy gift basket overflowing with Pringles potato chips, Razzles, M & M's, Starburst fruit chews, Sweettarts, Nerds,and a Mars chocolate bar. This fun candy gift basket is embellished with a fun and cheerful 9″ smiley face balloon. This cute candy gift basket full of yummy candy favorites comes wrapped with decorative cellophane and is accented with a hand tied bow, and ships quickly and easily nation wide from Gift Baskets 4U.

  • $82.00

    This gift basket is just the thing for any Junk Food Junkie! A delicious assortment of candies and treats they will love! We include a KitKat bar, Dots, an Aero bar, Combo's baked snacks, Red Hots, TicTacs, caramel popcorn, Mike & Ike, Pringles, Butter Peanut Crunch, Skittles, and gourmet snack mix in a fun Junk Food Junkie gift box. For your convenience, we ship our gift baskets to their door, throughout Canada and the US.

  • $58.00

    Everybody deserves some yummy sweets and treats to enjoy on their birthday, and this colourful birthday gift basket is overflowing with them! This classic birthday gift basket includes Happy Birthday caramel corn, Mike & Ike, Toffifay, a KitKat bar, Good N Plenty, fruit jellies, Skittles, a small tin of old fashioned candies and some Jelly Belly jelly beans. Send them a special surprise this year, even from far away with a Birthday gift basket from Gift Baskets 4U. With easy Canada-wide shipping we have you covered!

  • $64.00

    Know someone with a craving for sweets and treats? It’s In the Basket! This great candy bouquet is chock full of tasty favorites. In this candy gift basket we include Gobstoppers, Bottle Caps, Runts, Pringles potato chips, Nerds, Razzles, Mike & Ike, Mentos mints, Dentyne gum (2 pack), Sweettarts, a lollipop and Skittles. Send someone a sweet surprise to make them smile from Gift Baskets 4U. We ship across Canada and the USA.

  • $92.00

    This bright, and cheerful gift basket is carefully arranged with loads of classic candy and treats! Inside a coloured wicker basket with folding handles they will be thrilled to find Sweettarts, Bottlecaps, Necco wafers, Pringles, Razzles, Good N Plenty, a KitKat bar, Nerds, Runts, Big Red gum, Gobstoppers, Starburst, Laffy Taffy, Dots, TicTacs, Sugar Babies and Toffifay. A generous gift with something for everyone. Send your love to your friends, family, co-workers, Grandchildren and more with a Canadian classic candy gift basket from gift Baskets 4U. We deliver across Canada and the US.

  • $61.00

    This thoughtful gift basket is overflowing with tasty candy treats, including KitKat bar, Kinder chocolate bar, a theater sized box of Hot Tamales, Nerds, Skittles, Laffy Taffy, a large bag of cinnamon Jelly Belly, a single serve solid milk chocolate heart, theater size Starburst and a Lindt chocolate truffle heart. The perfect way to let them know you are thinking of them, even from far away, from Gift Baskets 4U.

  • $55.00

    What better way to send them get well wishes than with this candy bouquet arranged in a gift box that looks like an old fashioned doctor's bag. Inside this gift basket they'll find get well caramel popcorn, Sugar Babies, a theater size Hershey's bar, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Hot Tamales, Gobstoppers, Fun Dip, and 2 lollipops. Wish them a speedy recovery from next door or across the country with convenient Canada wide and US shipping, from Gift Baskets 4U.